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We specialize in working with senior service providers to establish and incorporate best practices.  With nearly two decades of experience in the regulatory and fiscal environment of Long Term Care, a strong background in project management, and solid business acumen, we can provide you the analysis and planning services you need.

We provide you the expertise you need for strategic business decisions with an emphasis on finding overlap between competing requirements and streamlining business objectives to achieve success. Our mission is to simplify regulatory complexities, making them understandable for decision-makers and achievable through strategic planning and tactical steps for those who need to implement it.

Whether assessing organizational readiness, developing a strategic plan, managing a project, conducting a field study, or performing a feasibility review, our process is managed for end results. Our business is dedicated to providing you the support you need. We tailor our services to you-- for large and small projects. We are located in Washington State and are very familiar with its regulatory and financial systems. Because we are local, we can spend significant time upfront with Washington State providers clarifying needs and expectations to ensure you receive the high quality services you need. We conduct regular/interval review processes to ensure we are fully meeting our client's needs. We perform customer satisfaction follow-up. 

Our Founder

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Carma Matti-Jackson, MBA (TIM)

A message from our founder:

I have a deep passion for senior services. Much of this is personal having participated first-hand in my father’s physical care as he battled cancer at 76-years-old with no prior health issues. I was not alone. There were four of us: My two sisters, my mom, and me (all unpaid caregivers). We surrounded my father with love and 24/7 personal care for about a year. He was well beyond nursing facility level of care, but per his wishes, we were able to keep him home.  It was the hardest job any of us had ever done in our lives. It was exhausting for all four of us. Yet, we wouldn't have had it any other way. I walked away with an unbelievable appreciation for people who have made this their life’s work. You are a gift to our society. What you do is important—very important. I can’t imagine where we would be without your commitment to provide compassionate care to seniors who are vulnerable, and struggling with chronic illnesses, but have no informal supports. 


I realize my year of caregiving for my father does not qualify me to wear your shoes, however, I commit my life’s work to supporting you. As the world of senior services pivots from a social service model to a business model, I am dedicating my background and experience to do whatever I can to facilitate this transition.  


Carma’s foundational knowledge is in business administration and innovation management.  She holds a Master’s degree in business with a specialized TIM (Technology & Innovation Management) concentration that focuses on understanding the nature of innovation, the relationship between strategic leadership and innovation, and how organizations use technology and new product development processes to successfully manage change.


Since 2004, Carma has been working in the area of government regulations, budget, and finance.  While she specializes in long-term care and senior services, she also has experience in other social and health programs such as behavioral health, developmental disabilities, Medicaid medical programs, and criminal justice.   She served 7 years with the Washington State Legislature as non-partisan fiscal staff, analyzing regulations and working with rate models to include Medicaid rates.  


Carma has over 20 years cumulative experience in project management and public relations. She has a strong background in research, documentation, and public presentations, and has prepared materials for and presented to numerous committees, executive teams, boards, and top state officials to include Washington State House of Representatives and State Senate committees and committee chairs, caucus chairs, and majority & minority leaders.

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