Any major change is best served with an evaluation of the current environment and processes. We conduct an assessment across the organization and compare this to regulatory requirements and your priorities.   We take a look at your current organizational readiness, current strategic plan, communication processes, cultural readiness, available data, data packaging and processes for data reviews, strengths of the organization that can be leveraged, and partnerships and networks you have versus need.

We can customize any of the following services to meet your needs. 

Understanding “why” change is necessary is the first step for achieving and sustaining any successful change.    We can facilitate the voice of change with staff, board members, and stakeholders by seeking input and ideas, vetting new concepts, and functioning as a sounding board.  Information can be shared in a way that is non-threatening to those who provide input, but broadens the decision-maker's knowledge of the organizational environment and what needs to be considered for success. Upon request, we also perform periodic reviews and feedback during and post implementation for any significant change project.


In order to implement change, it is best to have a clear written strategy on how you plan to get from A to B.   We'll develop and present optional strategies for narrowly focused or comprehensive organizational change. This may include a combined approach that incorporates field research, competitor reviews (where available), seeking input from staff, and an assessment of your overall goals. 



Based on your individual needs, we develop strategic business solutions for you.  These may include a feasibility review for certain partnerships, a specific project, or a communication plan.  Once decision-makers set their course, we incorporate the details into a strategic plan to include tactical steps and milestones needed for implementation. 

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