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Do you need a hand getting a new project in place?  We have nearly twenty years experience in project management, planning and implementation. If stakeholder or staff input is needed, we can facilitate those conversations.  We develop project requirements and a project plan, to include the timeline, deliverables, milestones and review processes. We can also oversee the project implementation on your behalf if needed. 


Are you considering a pilot program or diversifying your services, but don’t have the time to gather and analyze the information needed to make an informed decision? Let us do the research and summarize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We’ll package the information for your targeted audience: You, your management team, your advisory board, or whomever.



For government entities that are looking for an outside and objective source, we conduct field studies, develop project plans, and facilitate program development. We provide fiscal, regulatory, and operational analysis as well as feasibility reviews. While we specialize in long-term care, we have knowledge and background in other social and health programs such as developmental disabilities, mental health, Medicaid medical programs, and criminal justice. 


Laying the groundwork for change

As public payers move away from paying for individual services and towards payments based on outcomes, and even shared savings models; providers, staff, and stakeholders need to understand how things like quality and performance are defined and measured. Understanding “why” change is necessary is the first step. 


​​Reviews and updates on regulatory requirements 

Do you or your staff need a presentation on the latest Washington State or federal regulatory or payment requirements for long-term care? Do you want to better understand the Washington State government budgeting or legislative processes? We have a knowledge base of over a decade in this area. Call us at no cost to discuss topics with you to determine if we are the right fit for your educational needs.

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